The Perlorian Brothers

The conceptually-driven absurdist duo The Perlorian Brothers arrived fully formed and on the scene in the winter of 2004. Within months they were the toast of Cannes and over the next decade they created and recreated and recreated again their own brand of comedy storytelling.

In 2006, Ellen DeGeneres played her six favorite commercials on the Ellen Show. Two of them were directed by The Perlorian Brothers. Their commercial for Emerald Nuts starring Robert Goulet was named one of the best Super Bowl spots of all time by Time Magazine. And last year CNN hailed their Social Farter ad for Ontario’s Ministry of Health as perhaps “the best public service announcement ever.

Google around and you’ll see the Perlorian Brothers described as “legendary”, “dynamic”, “articulate”, and “film directors”. All of these descriptors are true. What’s also true is that The Perlorian Brothers believe there’s no reason the human condition can’t be examined in a filmed advertisement.

Collaborating with agencies like Wieden & Kennedy, BBDO, Mother, and Goodby, Silverstein & Partners has filled The Perlorian Brothers’ hearts with good juice and The Perlorian Brothers’ library with precious trophies. “If you want to catch the big fish you gotta go deep,” says David Lynch. And The Perlorian Brothers aren’t afraid of big fish or deep waters.

Sons of the Canadian Prairies, The Perlorian Brothers are known around the world for their rigorous casting sessions, lively sets, and good manners.