Benito Montorio

Benito Montorio began his career on cult television program “Gazzetta Football Italia”, directing and presenting short stories on Italian football.  Soon after, following a piece on Rome’s Lazio’s extreme far right supporters “The Irriducibili”, Montorio was approached by the BBC to create a documentary capturing the often violent confrontations between fans of the fiercest rivaling sports teams. ‘Hooligans’ required him to go undercover for one year and went on to earn a nomination for Grierson Best Documentary Award.

Over the next four years, Benito continued to make award winning international documentaries for the BBC.

“Drug-Lands” uncovered the narcotic gangs who run the island of Ibiza.  The award winning “The 12 Year Old Cocaine Smuggler”” came next.  Filmed over six months in a Bolivian prison, this observational film told the story of children used by their parents to smuggle contraband drugs. “Ransom City”, shot in one of the most dangerous favelas in Brazil, Paraisopolis (Paradise City), is an award winning film about the abduction of footballers’ mothers. “Marriage and Mob”, a beautiful short story that documents the Camorra (Mafia) war, where 43 lives were taken in Benito’s hometown of Naples, is told through a simple tale of marriage.  In 2008, Benito spent a year of his life sandwiched between the Italian secret service and the most powerful mob family in post-war Italy while researching his next project, ‘The Real Godfather’ — a film about the capo di Cappi, Bernardo Provenzano, in Sicily. It was during this period that Benito shot his first commercial with a spot for Dove that won a Silver Arrow at the BTAA.

In 2009, Benito to decided to turn his photojournalistic eye to commercials. That same year he shot Robinsons (BBH), John Lewis (Adam & Eve) and a spot for BBC Riot about the global recession. In that first year, Benito picked up five arrows at the BTAA’s (2 Gold Arrows. 2 Silver and one Bronze.) Since then, he has continued to shoot some of the most celebrated commercials in the UK market from Johnnie Walker “Marc Herremans” (Bronze at BTAA) to the multi-award winning St John’s “Ambulance”. The latter took home a Silver Cannes Lion, 3 Gold Arrows at the BTAA’s and 7 Gold statues from BTAA Craft Awards. Benito’s body of work has earned him a consistent slot on Top Ten Director’s lists from leading publications Campaign and Shots.

Whether he’s filming in the favelas of Brazil or a studio in Shepperton, Benito’s determination to capture realism and honesty with a beautiful aesthetic makes him one of the most sought after directors in the world.

He is currently writing and developing his first feature film, based on a true story about bank robbers.